Song of the Day part 3: Big Thief “Live Young (Demo)”


Big Thief have released some demos from their UFOF/Two Hands sessions to raise money for their crew while they are unable to tour. It’s for a good cause and you get full band versions of two of Adrianne Lenker’s solo songs plus three new Big Thief songs including “Live Young” which you can listen to for free on the link above.’s top 10 shows of 2018.

Lists of shows of the year are by far the most useless lists to read. They are completely subjective to where the person writing it lives, what particular shows they went to, and where they traveled. Pick any band that didn’t come here, I’m sure say, Radiohead played a show somewhere that was awesome, but I didn’t go to it, so it’s not here. But since is basically just me reviewing shows it seems like I should do a yearly list for that. So here goes. . .  and in case you are wondering it’s 10 of 37.

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