Entreaty.Net’s Top 30 Albums of 2020

Welcome to my annual list of favorite albums. 2020 was, of course, a terrible year. Live music has been shut down for about 10 months with no indication for when it will be safe to have shows again. That doesn’t mean it was a wholly bad year though. This list covers everything from albums released in normal circumstances in January and February, to albums written before the quarantine and released during it, to ones at the end of the year that were actually written during the pandemic. One good thing about 2020, and there weren’t many, was the extra time at home gave me extra time for listening to music. I obliterated my records for tracks listened to in a year according to last.fm (yes, I still use it). So after cutting last year’s list down to 20 this year’s is expanded to 30. So prepare to judge me harshly, here we go…

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Entreaty.Net’s top 5 shows of 2020

It’s time for the long awaited top 20 5 shows of the year from Entreaty.Net. Your helpful ranked list of shows I happened to go to. Is your favorite show of the year not here? That either means I thought that show sucked and you are an idiot or maybe I had something else to do that night. There’s no telling. Most likely though it was canceled. The top five is out of a total of four and a half shows in 2020 I attended.

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