Trombone Shorty at Red Rocks

I recently visited Denver for the first time so of course I had to catch a show at Red Rocks, a true bucket list item for me. Trombone Shorty was performing that week and turned out to be a great pick to see. I haven’t listened to a ton of his stuff but it didn’t matter. He is a very good showman and put together a great package of New Orleans artists on the rest of the bill including Cyril Neville and George Porter Jr. This would have been a good show anywhere (and he’s coming to Salvage Station soon, FYI) but Red Rocks made it really special. The scene is one of a kind. The way the seats are built into the mountain gives you plenty of room to see over the head of the person in front of you. The sound was good too. I’d have to stop myself every so often and look around and take it all it. It would be awesome to live there and get to see shows there all the time as one of your regular venues. Definitely jealous of Denver there.

Look at that view. There were people in the row directly in front of me. You just can’t see them. Awesome.

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