The Black Keys and Band of Horses in Charlotte

The Black Keys put together a nice tour for their new album Dropout Boogie with Band of Horses as an opener. I checked it out on their stop in Charlotte this week.

Before Band of Horses a band called Ceramic Animal played. I hadn’t heard them before but they did a good job for the first band of the night to get things started.

Band of Horses went second. Their opener slot only gave them 45 minutes but I was happy to get a taste of their show and to see them get the opportunity to open for The Black Keys. They started with Is There a Ghost as usual and played a few more Cease to Begin songs before moving to newer material. There were only a couple of songs from their new album Things Are Great but they had to squeeze in a lot in their short time. I’ve said on here before, I think Band of Horses are a very solid reliable band. They probably aren’t going to release the album of the year but whatever they do release is always pretty good.

The Black Keys played a video featuring David Cross to come out to and then launched straight into many of their biggest hits. This made me wonder how the rest of the set would turn out and the answer was a heavy dose of their pandemic covers album Delta Kream. I was happy about this. Delta Kream might actually be my favorite Black Keys album now. They brought out the musicians who recorded it with them and played exclusively from that album for quite a bit.

After this they played a few of the new songs from Dropout Boogie before doing Little Black Submarine and Lonely Boy after the encore break.

There looked to be a lot of space left in the lawn section but the seats were filled and The Black Keys still put on a good show.

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