Turnstile, Ceremony, more in Atlanta


Turnstile is everywhere these days and on Monday that were in Atlanta. Unfortunately it was at a ticketmaster venue which means fees and paying to park.

Anyway, I was not able to get to Atlanta in time to see the first band, Truth Cult, but I did make it for all of Ekulu’s set. Their album Unscrew My Head made my favorites of 2021 list and they were definitely a selling point to get me to Atlanta on a Monday. It was cool seeing them for the first time and they got a decent response from the huge crowd that was already in the venue for the sold out show.


Next up were former hardcore and current indie/dance/whatever band Ceremony. I don’t think I can review this without sounding like an old man. I enjoy their new music, they are a good band. People had fun. But man, Ceremony shows during the Violence Violence/Still Nothing Moves You Era? Some of my all time favorite performances. Again, they’re still good now, go see them, they’ll toss in a couple old songs for fun. Now excuse me while I turn to dust.

I did not get knocked over a merch table at this Ceremony show in 2022.
Why won’t Ceremony make me young again.

Next up was Citizen. Two things.

  • The crowd was by far, waaaaay more into Citizen that Ceremony or Ekulu.
  • They just were not my thing at all. Sorry.


Turnstile was up last. I took a breather, so I had to maneuver around the back of the still packed venue to find a spot for them. However much the crowd like Citizen they loved Turnstile even more. If radio and MTV were still things this band would probably be playing arenas at this point, and I wouldn’t count them out to get there anyway. They had all the energy you’d expect and people sang along loudly to the newest material from their album Glow On, also on that favorites albums of 2021 list.

This picture looks like what would come up if you searched “rock show” on a stock image site.

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