Nilufer Yanya at the Grey Eagle in Asheville

Nilufer Yanya

I’ve been slacking off in my duties but I got close enough to Nilufer Yanya during her show at the Grey Eagle I had to share the pictures.

She may not be a household name yet but her new album Painless is one of my favorites of 2022 so far. So I wanted to check out her headlining show the day after going to the Shaky Knees fest in Atlanta (more on that later). She played that festival on Friday but would have been one of the biggest draws for me so I didn’t want to pass up the chance to see her headline in a small venue.

Things got off to a good start with openers Ada Lea and Tasha, both of whom did a great job and I enjoyed despite being mostly unfamiliar with their music, although Tasha played some Angel Olsen and did a pretty good job of it, not the easiest voice to replicate, of course.

Ada Lea

Nilufer hit all the highlights from Painless as well as some songs from her first album Miss Universe and a cover of PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me, a nice surprise. She’s got a great sound and is definitely worth checking out if you’ve never listened to her.

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