Courtney Barnett at the Eastern in Atlanta

Courtney Barnett played Atlanta last Saturday at newer venue The Eastern. I had originally decided to travel for the Saturday show since Julia Jacklin was set to open the Atlanta show but not the Asheville one. But as covid would have it (I assume) Julia dropped off the tour. That was a bummer but she was replaced by Cassandra Jenkins, whose album An Overview on Phenomenal Nature made my year end list. It looked briefly like I’d catch Cassandra Jenkins twice in the same week as I was already supposed to see her open for The Weather Station but then that show got postponed too. You never know what you’ll get these days.

An Overview On Phenomenal Nature is only seven songs long and Cassandra played four of them so I guess brevity is her thing. She did a good job of playing them solo but I think I prefer them as they are on the album with more arrangement. Of course we can cut her some slack since she was a fill in and additional band members might not have been possible for this show.

Courtney Barnett wasted no time getting to some favorites right off the bat. Rae Street, the lead single of last year’s Things Take Time, Take Time was first and probably her biggest song, Avant Gardner, was third with Need a Little Time fourth. It’s always fun to see an artist do something like that so the rest of the set in more unpredictable. The new album had quite a few songs represented but older highlights like Depreston, History Eraser, Lance Jr, Elevator Operator, and Pedestrian at Best made appearances. Write a List of Things to Look Forward To was the the pre fake encore song before she returned to the stage with Oh The Night and closed things out with Before You Gotta Go.

Courtney has leveled up in fame a couple of times since I first saw her and her live show only seems to get better with time. Well worth the trip even if the lineup wasn’t what I was originally expecting.

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