Entreaty.Net’s Top 10 Favorite Shows of 2021

Remember in 2020 when people said things like.. as soon as this is over I can’t wait for ____?

They pictured some grand release where we could all cheer and celebrate and get back to normal.

Well that was never going to happen. We had to slowly dip our toes back life, or not. It’s probably not ever going to be over, better hopefully, but over. I doubt it.

That was the environment for shows in 2021, or the last half it when there were shows. Some felt safer than others, None felt totally normal. This is the reality now, forget waiting on people to do the right thing. Get you booster and protect yourself as best you can. And then go to a show.. or don’t, whatever you’re comfortable with.

So with that bleakness out of the way here is Entreaty.Net’s Top 10 favorite shows of 2021, out of an entire 13 shows attended. Hopefully you went to all thirteen so this list makes sense to you. And no extra ones, that would throw off the rankings. How could you!? Very rude of you to go to I show I couldn’t attend. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed and kind of hungry.

10. Willie Nelson, Margo Price, and Gov’t Mule in Charlotte

Low down on the list I know, but I had to deduct points for Sturgill Simpson canceling and leaving a chunk of dead time in the middle of the show.

9. Tennis at the Orange Peel

Do you enjoy the music of Tennis? They do that live too.

8. Alanis Morrissette, Garbage, and Cat Power in Charlotte

I only paid like $8 to go to this. Less than a crappy sandwich.

7. Lilly Hiatt, Sarah Shook and more at the Basement East in Nashville

Every time that actress Sarah Snook is on a late night show my reaction is ‘really? coo… ah right.’

6. Show Me The Body, Candy, and Regional Justice Center

Show Me The Body and Candy could be names for very different types of bands.

5. Bully at the Grey Eagle

Should have bullied more people into going to this awesome show.

4. Torres at Isis Music Hall

….This one too.

3. Japanese Breakfast at the Orange Peel

The last time I went a year and a half without going to a show I had never been to a show before. So it’s hard to top seeing songs from the best album of the year live (spoilers).

2. Big Thief at the Ryman in Nashville

If you are going to top it though, songs from the two best albums of 2019 and what looks to be a pretty good one from 2022 is a good place to start.

  1. Indigo De Souza at the Grey Eagle

This is a personal indie music blog primarily focusing on live shows that take place in Asheville, North Carolina.

So there you go. Fire up your one time use time machine and head back to earlier in the year 2021 to experience these yourself.

Keeping you computer peeled for the best albums of the year list soon. See if you are savvy enough of a reader to guess the top pick and win the heart of your crush!

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