Show Me The Body, Candy, and Regional Justice Center in Columbia

I finally made it to Columbia for a show and I picked a good one. Show Me The Body with Candy and Regional Justice Center at New Brookland Tavern.

Openers Backslide and Florida Man did a good job before Regional Justice Complex, who have the rare drummer/lead vocalist set up. There were no problems there as both vocals and drumming were as brutal as on this year’s album Crime and Punishment. Candy was awesome and brought plenty of energy. Show Me The Body headlined. I’d listened to them the least of the three going in and thought they would have their work cut out for them after Candy but they absolutely delivered. Great stage presence and an even more rare drums, bass, banjo set up. It’s definitely different but it works.

I’ll note this show had the worst masking/social distancing of any show I’ve gone to since shows started back up. I don’t know if that’s the venue, the crowd, or South Carolina to blame. But do with that info what you want.

Florida Man
Regional Justice Center
Show Me The Body

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