Pig Destroyer in Baltimore

Pig Destroyer

While on a trip recently I swung through Baltimore for my first ever show there and at the Ottobar venue to see Pig Destroyer.

This show was absolutely packed in the small venue and I have to say the venue and crowd did a great job with masking. Nobody hanging out with a mask on their chin because they took a drink 20 minutes ago. Much much better job than in Asheville and Nashville, sorry but it’s true.

I got there in time to see all of local opener No/Mas’s set and I honestly think they were the best band of the night. The mic cut out a lot but they plowed through and the rest of the sound was great. The crowd was really into them and they were awesome. I had never heard of them before so I can’t really give you any more info on them but they could be one to look out for if you’re into metal.


Next up was Misery Index, a band I always got confused with Misery Signals in the 2000s. I never listened to either very much but knew I had seen one of them before. It turns out Misery Index was not the one I had seen before.

At one point announced they were filming the show to use in an upcoming music video which really got the crowd into it. The sound was a bit bass heavy but I don’t know if that was the band, venue, or just where I was standing.

Misery Index

Pig Destroyer came on next. For most of their existence they did not have a bass player in the band but added one a few years ago. I have some of their old albums before the bassist but not the new stuff so they also sounded bass heavy to me but maybe that’s just what they sound like now and I’m used to the old stuff. They don’t tour much so I was glad to get the opportunity to check them out on the home-ish turf.

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