Indigo De Souza at the Grey Eagle in Asheville

Indigo De Souza played a sold out hometown show at the Grey Eagle on Monday. It was technically the record release for her new album Any Shape You Take but it got postponed so the album has already been out for a while. This didn’t necessarily turn out to be a bad thing as the crowd was very familiar with the new songs. She got lots of people singing along and cheering. She’s been featured on Pitchfork and regularly gets played on XMU and Music Choice Indie so it was cool to see her get a big response at home. She played all of the new album and a bright spot in the set was the album’s first song 17, which sounded a lot different without the processed vocals from the record’s version. She ended with Kill Me and an encore of Take Off Your Pants but the highlight of the night was Hold U. The crowd loved her performance so much they started singing the chorus again after she got done playing the song, so much so that the band played the chorus along with them again with huge smiles on their faces. I’ve been to many, many shows and I’ve never seen that happen before. That was a very cool moment to witness and I wouldn’t count her out, she may blow up and have that kind of thing start happening in places that aren’t her hometown.

Opening band, Ex Gold

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