Black Midi at The Grey Eagle in Asheville

The opening band

Atlanta’s Shaky Knees fest is always good for bringing bands through the area on their way to and from the festival. This year I caught Black Midi in Asheville the day before they played the festival.

The opening band was a “blues” band from Las Vegas that also happened to be Black Midi. They played a couple of sloppy Blues Brothers style numbers before covering Born to Run. I’ll give the saxophonist points for nailing the sax solo in an otherwise not exactly Bruce quality version. It was fun. Less fun was the 40 minute wait in between “bands.” I mean, why?

Black Midi, not the opening band

Black Midi’s actual set was surprising light on songs from their two albums Schlagenheim and Cavalcade. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit disappointed to not hear much of that material but most of the crowd seemed very into it and enthusiastic. Still my favorite part of the set was the three Cavalcade songs that closed it out.

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