Torres in Asheville at Isis Music Hall

Torres played a great show to a small but enthusiastic crowd at Isis Music Hall in Asheville this week.

She had been scheduled to play at the Mothlight before the pandemic ruined everything, on the heels of her excellent 2020 album Silver Tongue. This week she finally got to play in Asheville but at a different venue touring for a different album. The bulk of the set was material from her new 2021 album Thirstier. Thirstier makes four great albums in a row for Torres, who is criminally underrated. She played to probably only 40ish people but seemed to be having a great time and so did the crowd.

Opener Sara Jaffe started things off, singing just accompanied by a backing track and a drummer. This is probably the best way to do it if you aren’t going to have a full band. The drummer gives you something to watch and I think just sounds much better than recorded beats over a PA.

When Torres came out she started right up with Thirster’s lead single Don’t Go Puttin Wishes in My Head and first song Are You Sleepwalking. It wasn’t long before we got an old favorite in Cowboy Guilt though. There were a couple songs in the set representing Silver Tongue and three from Three Futures. She explained how the song Big Leap was about how her Dad fell off a house and became paralyzed. That was a serious moment of course but most of the show was a lighter mood. The title track off Thirstier was a highlight before she ended with three of her best older songs, Sprinter, New Skin, and Helen in the Woods, adding some insight into the meanings behind Sprinter and New Skin as well.

If you haven’t checked out her music you really should. Hopefully next time more people are in the know.

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