Entreaty.Net’s top 5 shows of 2020

It’s time for the long awaited top 20 5 shows of the year from Entreaty.Net. Your helpful ranked list of shows I happened to go to. Is your favorite show of the year not here? That either means I thought that show sucked and you are an idiot or maybe I had something else to do that night. There’s no telling. Most likely though it was canceled. The top five is out of a total of four and a half shows in 2020 I attended.

5. Integrity at Vinyl in Atlanta

Apparently I didn’t bother to write a post about this show but I totally went to it on January 4th, which was approximately 15,000 years ago. So I don’t remember a lot.

4. Lucero at Salvage Station in Asheville

I did write a post about this show, which is good because I forgot about it and was ready to post a top four shows of 2020 list. I think that would have been a funnier number.

3. Mattiel at The Earl in Atlanta

This was a sold out hometown show for Mattiel, one of my favorite discoveries of 2019. The thought of being in a room with that many people is horrifying to me now. Aren’t they making about five different vaccines? Inject me with all of them now.

2. The portion of Murder By Death’s set that took place after Midnight on New Year’s Eve at the Grey Eagle in Asheville

Murder By Death is my favorite band and I got to see them for the 20th time as the year 2020 began. I thought it was great. We celebrated the coming year 2020, what fools we were, FUCKING FOOLS.

  1. Wye Oak at The Mothlight in Asheville

The first night of Wye Oak’s JOIN tour, most of which I’m sure didn’t take place. The last show I went to. Now there are no shows and no Mothlight. It was cool to see Wye Oak bring songs from all their projects together and play different songs that usual. I’m glad my last show was something really good and not some random crap I checked out on a whim. Hopefully next year’s list will have more than five entries, but probably not with all the selfish non-mask wearing pricks out there. The economy is dead and all the venues are going to be bought by ticketmaster or vulture capital investors but hey, you got to stick to your guns, don’t let yourself be mildly inconvenienced, you beautiful free thinking maverick, you. As we’ve been known to say at hockey games in Nashville, it’s all your fault, it’s all your fault, it’s all your fault.

Stay tuned until next time for the albums of the year list. Unless I feel like posting something else first, then that will be next.

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