Taylor Swift is cool.



For obvious reasons there hasn’t been much for me to blog about lately with all shows cancelled and really no idea when they will be safe to resume or if the venues will be able to last through this with zero revenue. Every day we get an onslaught of bad news so here’s a tiny bit of good music related news.

Taylor Swift Covering Salary & Healthcare Costs For Employees Of Nashville Record Store Grimey’s

The staff of Grimey’s in Nashville, my favorite record store, are getting paid by none other than Taylor Swift. You’ve never read me write about Taylor Swift on here, I don’t listen to her music, but this is really really cool. Credit where credit is due. And sure you can say she’s rich and it’s worth it for the PR for her but she’s helping out and doing some good that makes it more likely a cool place makes it through this mess. And remember there are people who own the record companies and can afford to pay Taylor Swift and those people probably aren’t doing shit for anyone.

Thanks Taylor, I have a new found respect for you.

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