Mattiel at the Earl in Atlanta


Mattiel came back to her hometown of Atlanta for a sold out show this weekend at the Earl. I got there a few songs into opener Greenscreen’s set but liked what I saw and wish I’d had an easier time finding parking so I could have seen more.

Mattiel played a pretty even mix of songs from her first two albums including highlights from last year’s Satis Factory like Food For Thought, Athlete, Berlin Weekend, and Je Ne Me Connais Pas. Her voice sounds just as good live as on record. Once she quipped “Can you believe there are still people who don’t like rock and roll.” Those people should have avoided the Earl that night. Her band sounded great, although it was missing the organ/keyboard that is prominent on a lot of Satis Factory. The home crowd didn’t seem to mind a bit. After a short fake encore break she returned with a great cover of The Clash’s Guns of Brixton before ending with two of her bests Keep The Change and Millionaire. If the holdouts never get converted to rock and roll’s side it won’t be Mattiel’s fault.




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