Lucero at Salvage Station in Asheville


Lucero played a typically good show last night in Asheville at the Salvage Station.

First up on the bill was opener Jade Jackson. I was unfamiliar with her going in but she played a good set and I picked up a CD from her before heading out at the end of the night.

I’ve seen Lucero many times in Memphis so that’s what I’m always going to compare their sets to elsewhere. It was a big crowd that was really into the set, singing/screaming along to songs like “Nights Like These”, “The War”, and “Tears Don’t Matter Much.” The were several requests but for once Ben Nicholas told people he couldn’t do certain songs. Apparently there was some late show afterwards and the band had a strict time limit. That’s a bit disappointing because I’ve seen them play much longer than the hour and a half they did last night, but then again maybe they only play longer in Memphis?

All told it was a fun set and I’m glad I went despite the February cold.





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