Murder By Death at the Grey Eagle in Asheville


I got to see Murder By Death for the numerically satisfying 20th on New Years Eve, ringing in 2020. To keep things even more in theme the band is about to start their 20th anniversary tour this spring. They are planning on bringing back songs from all across their career and this show was a warm up for that. They played several songs that haven’t been in the setlist in years like, Those Who Stayed, That Crown Don’t Make You a Prince, and The Big Sleep. Usual favorites like Brother, I Came Around, Lost River, Fuego, and Until Morale Improves The Beating Will Continue were also there in additional to a handful of songs from their latest album The Other Shore and more. The band was as good as ever and with their excellent catalog of old songs they are capable of stringing together an amazing set. The perfect way to begin a new year and a new decade for a big fan like me and I didn’t even have to travel that far to see it.




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