Favorite Songs of the 2010s # 4 “Horseshoe Crabs” by Hop Along

Hop Along

Horseshoe Crabs


From album Painted Shut


The gritty rattle in Francis Quinlan’s voice it at it’s best on Horseshoe Crabs in my opinion. She reminds me of the way Kurt Cobain would sing, no quite a scream, not quite clean singing either. With that voice she tells the story of going into the city to play a solo show that turns out to be a miserable failure, one person attends. She goes on with the performance and tries a cover at the one audience member’s request. He’s nice about it but tells her he has to get going, leaving no one. She walks the city and then heads home to her parents house in defeat, even though she has money to stay in the city, and thinks about her childhood.

Thank God this experience didn’t make her quit music and instead became the subject of one of her many great songs this decade.

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