High On Fire and Power Trip at Amos’ Southend in Charlotte


The awesome double bill of High on Fire and Power Trip came through Charlotte last night with support from Devil Master and Creeping Death.

I was impressed with Creeping Death’s set to begin the show. I had listened to them just enough to know that I definitely wanted to get there in time to see them. I’ll have to dig deeper into their music after seeing them live. There was even a guy in a Jesus costume moshing for them, that’s a new one.

I wasn’t as into Devil Master. They had makeup, capes, fake cobwebs, I guess they’re going for a black metal Misfits kind of thing. Tough spot in between Creeping Death and Power Trip.

The place was absolutely packed for Power Trip. That’s really cool to see, the first time I saw them it was playing to a very small amount of people, I’m glad to see them grow. Amos’ Southend isn’t a big venue but there wasn’t any extra space during their set. They ripped through highlights from their two albums and included new song Hornet’s Nest.

High on Fire took the stage last. Some people didn’t stay but they began with a still very big crowd, although it would shrink a lot by the time they finished an hour and a half-ish later. They always put on a good show, and still did with their new drummer. You know what you’re going to get with High on Fire, fast faced guitar heroics, with some gruff vocals thrown in every so often. If you like them recorded you’ll love them live.






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