Of Montreal in Greer, SC


Of Montreal came to the Spinning Jenny in Greer last to put on a energetic show complete with costumed friends.

I learned about this show (and venue) in the very old school way of seeing a flier outside Horizon Records. Definitely wasn’t expecting to learn about a show from a flier at a record shop in the year 2019.

The venue is fairly big which in this case gave people a lot of extra room to dance. The first band was local openers Brother Oliver. They did a good job and I would show up in time to see them again if they’re a local opener on another show.

The second band had the confusing name Locate S,1. They seemed to be a bit annoyed by people talking through their set but handled it more diplomatically than I probably would have.

Of Montreal was last. They have a lot of albums to pick songs from and played everything from a song from the first album to new music that will be on an album that will come out in 2020. They had costumed people appear on stage with them in the middle of songs several times throughout the set which added to the upbeat vibe. There was a decent sized crowd and the large venue was a plus, giving plenty of room for dancing or just not standing right up next to someone if you like me. There were some slight sound problems with the mic shorting out but it was a fun show and I certainty would love to see more like it in Greer in the future.







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