Entreaty.net’s top 100 songs of the decade

If my math is correct (and that’s never a given) we’re 102 days away from the end of the year and end of the decade. Like most music blogs Entreaty.net will have an albums of the decade list but with over three months left in the decade we still have albums to come from artists like Angel Olsen and Big Thief that could potentially and hopefully will be better than whatever is number 100 on my list. So instead of posting one album a day ending on #1 on new year’s eve I’m going to post a song a day. The extra day is for my favorite albums of 2019 list.

Here’s my logic, with ten years of songs there’s pretty much a 100% chance I’m going to forget to include a great song, I’ll probably forget about songs I really love. Maybe at the end I’ll do a songs I forgot about playlist and then I can also add in any new songs from the next three months that are worthy. I’d rather the album list be more accurate.

What I do promise to give you is 100 awesome songs. I started with a giant list of songs and cut it down to 100, which was difficult. There were lots of hard decisions. Feel free to argue with my choices, I very well might end up agreeing with you.

We’ll start tomorrow with number 100.

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