Crowbar at Ground Zero in Spartanburg


Do you like huge metal riffs? Of course you do, you’re not a monster!

Then you’ve probably listened to Crowbar for years. They came through Spartanburg this week on the final tour stop before returning to their native New Orleans to record a new album. I showed up two and a half hours after door time and only managed to miss one band, so show up late if you’re going to Ground Zero. The second band took so long to set up that someone got on the mic to tell them to hurry up. It was funny in general when I thought it was a random person doing it, funnier when I noticed it was Crowbar’s merch person, and funniest when Kirk later identified her as his wife.¬†Crowbar only played about 45 minuets or so which makes me wonder if we saw less of them because of all the fucking around. That sucks if that’s the case.

Anyway, with a band that’s been around for 30 years like Crowbar you know you’re going to get a quality show, worth waiting around for.



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