Neurosis at the Masquerade in Atlanta


I took the trip down to Atlanta on a Wednesday to see longtime metal band Neurosis play at the Masquerade. The new version of the Masquerade is one of my least favorite venues to go to. There’s the long drive, the fact that I have to pay ticketmaster fees to see underground bands, and that as far as I know there is no option but to pay for parking. Most bands I would just skip and wait for them to come to Asheville or Charlotte but I’ve listened to Neurosis for many years and never had a good opportunity to see them so I went for it.

I got there a bit late due to the drive and the first band Deaf Kids was already playing. They seemed ok for the short amount of time I got to see them and they were far better than the next band Bell Witch. They are just a bass player and a drummer playing extremely slow doom metal. This is not a favorite genre of mine and I found them extremely boring.

Neurosis were finally next. They’ve been around since the 80s and I do not have all their albums but I enjoyed what I got to hear. I would have loved to see something from Through Silver In Blood, my favorite of theirs, but I was satisfied with what I got, even with all the trouble I had to go to get there to see it.





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