Sebadoh and Eleanor Friedberger at the Exit/In in Nashville


I took a trip back home last week and as you can see from the pictures got up close to see longtime indie stalwarts Sebadoh. But first Eleanor Friedberger performed. Unfortunately she seemed to have lots of technical difficulties. She performed alone and switched between her keyboard and playing guitar, sometime mid song. She started a couple of songs of then switched into other songs. It was hard to tell if this was on purpose or if her equipment was causing massive problems and she was just good at covering by starting another song. I liked her album from last year, Rebound, but this performance wasn’t the best.

There were no such problems with Sebadoh though. They played a lengthy set featuring songs from before and after their hiatus in the 2000s. Lou Barlow and Jason Loewenstein traded singer/guitarist and bass player duties. At times they both commented on the Exit/In’s decorations, Lou breaking out some guitar showmanship because of a large picture of Chuck Berry and Jason realizing midsong that Sebadoh was already on the “wall of fame” of bands that have played the Exit/In. They kept the energy up the whole night and gave everyone a good taste of old school indie.






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