Potty Mouth and Colleen Green in Kansas City


While traveling last week I had the opportunity to catch a show in Kansas City, Potty Mouth, Colleen Green, and Justus Proffit at Minibar. This was my second time seeing Potty Mouth, the first being as an opener for Beach Slang a few years back. It was my first time hearing Justus Proffit, who were the first band. I liked the few songs I heard well enough but unfortunately they/he faced a lot of technical issues with a guitar which caused a lot of dead time in their set. Research tells me Justus Proffit is one person but he definitely said “we are Justus Proffit.”

Anyway Colleen Green was up next. She plays alone, her and a guitar along with a continuous drum track that meshes all the songs together. This was a new and interesting approach and left zero down time in the set. Of course she also has very little time to say anything to the crowd.

Potty Mouth headlined and were the third band. Aside from my earlier time seeing them I knew their song Cherry Picking which was a “hit” a few years ago in whatever way you might consider an indie song a hit. They played it fairly early in the set and most of the songs were from the album they just released Snafu. They were energetic and put on a good show.





Bonus sound check picture because I was there early.


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