Japanese Breakfast at the Grey Eagle in Asheville


A lot of good shows in the area this weekend as bands make their way to and from the Shaky Knees festival in Atlanta. I didn’t go to that but I caught Japanese Breakfast at the Grey Eagle in Asheville playing a non-sold out show, likely because Tame Impala was playing elsewhere in the city. Tame Impala are ok but there was no choice for me. Japanese Breakfast’s 2017 album Soft Sounds from Another Planet is one of favorites of the last few years. This was my second time seeing her tour on that album although new songs have started to come out so we’re probably not too far away from a new album.

The night opened with Eternal Summers. I wasn’t familiar with them beforehand but I like what I heard.

Japanese Breakfast was next, we got to here the majority of Soft Sounds¬†plus highlights from earlier material, some new music, and a cover of the Cardigans Love Fool.¬† One of JB’s bigger songs Road Head was early in the set but she saved enough to have a great closing of Diving Woman, Everybody Wants to Love You, and finally Machinist.

That’s it for now, keeping this short because I’m heading out to the next show you’ll see reviewed here.



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