King Tuff and others at Fall for Greenville


This is my first fall in Greenville so it’s my first Fall for Greenville. I was more than happy to catch King Tuff for free along with a whole host of other performers. I will probably try to eat beforehand to avoid the ticket system for food next time but I can’t complain about a free show. I showed up Friday early enough to catch Buzzard of Fuzz go on before King Tuff. They played a set of decent garage rock, good for the festival atmosphere. I was a bit worried King Tuff wouldn’t have a big crowd as the stage was basically deserted during set up but once the music started people crowded in and being there early I was able to get right in the front. I got to see a lot of nice guitar work up close and I enjoyed the whole set.

Here are some pics of King Tuff along with some other bands from this weekend.




Little Lesley and the Bloodshots


Buzzards of Fuzz


Sara Shook & The Disarmers


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